Children’s Vision

Some children with visual problems can’t control their eye movements at close ranges, and as a result they fight double vision every day, especially with reading. Still others struggle with print that blurs or jumps around. As a result, these children generally don’t do well in school.

If your child is struggling to read or finding it difficult to remain on task, the cause may be an undetected vision problem, even if your child’s eyesight seems normal. It is important that parents and teachers are educated about frequently overlooked vision problems in the hopes of helping those children who struggle unnecessarily because of undiagnosed vision disorders. In fact, many of these children are often suspected of having learning disabilities, dyslexia, or attention deficits when the real culprit is their vision.

Early detection

Early detection can save years of struggling. Children who are struggling with undetected vision problems often fail to progress well in school. Make an appointment with us and have your child examined by our experienced Optometrist especially for screening of any learning and reading disabilities.

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