Choosing the correct frame for your face

Choosing a spectacle frame that’s right for you doesn’t have to be difficult because it is all about what you like, and what looks good on you. Take your time to discover what color, style of frame and construction will suit you best.

Here is some information that will assist you in choosing your most flattering fit of frames:

  • The top of the frames should be no higher than the line of your eyebrows.
  • The lower edge of the frames should not sit on your cheeks, so make sure that when you smile they don’t touch and irritate.
  • Choose a size of frame that is in proportion to your face – if you have a small face, don’t choose large glasses.
  • The frames should not be wider than the overall width of your face at the temples.
  • Every face is one of seven basic shapes namely, diamond, heart, pyramid, oval, rectangular, round or square.

There are three keys to choosing the correct spectacle frame for your face shape and they are:

  • The frame shape should contrast with the face shape.
  • The frame size should be in scale with the face size.
  • Spectacle frames should repeat your personal best feature (such as a brown frame to match brown eyes).

    Five tips to help you look fabulous:
  • Spectacle frames should complement your face shape, features and colouring.
  • Frames must fit you properly to work right and look good.
  • They should match your lifestyle.
  • Certain prescriptions work better with certain frames .
  • Frames vary with different materials, so make sure it’s the frame that suits your face.

We got the right glasses we had been looking for for a long time, all thanks to Thembela from Freshvision’s expertise and friendliness!

Nomsa Sakani
Sales & Marketing