Exercising Your Eyes

One part of the body that needs ‘exercise’ at work is your eyes, which can get strained by focussing on a computer screen all day. Eye exercises can help relieve strain and fatigue that may be incurred when doing work you are concentrating on.

At least every half hour, take a few minutes to shift focus. Look around the office and pick objects to focus on that are near, a bit further away, and then as far away as you can see, holding the gaze for at least 7-8 seconds on each object. This will make your eyes shift focus and help to stop them getting strained by focussing close on the screen all the time.

You can also try picking out objects of a different colour, for instance notice all the red objects you can see, then next time you do it all the blue objects and so on. It is also critical to always have your comprehensive eye examination annually.

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Nomsa Sakani
Sales & Marketing