Eye health family history

Many people are unaware that some eye diseases can run in the family. Having a family history of these diseases can significantly increase a person’s risk for developing them.

In fact, people who have a family member with glaucoma, for example, are four to nine times more likely to be stricken by this leading cause of blindness, according to some researchers.

Being armed with your family medical history is a key component in preventing vision loss from genetic eye disease. That’s why we encourage that everyone should discuss their eye health history with family members.

Having this valuable information can help you and the Optometrist to take the appropriate steps to minimize your risk and save your sight.

Along with knowing family history of eye disease, eye exams are a critical tool to catch eye diseases early and prevent vision loss.

So when sharing Sunday lunches at family gatherings and reunion braai’s, also share eye health history. Ask family members if they have an eye disease. Tell family members of any eye disease you might have.

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Nomsa Sakani
Sales & Marketing