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Optometry Services

We provide a wide-range of eye examinations for each person’s specific needs. The aim is to make clear and comfortable vision a reality for you, which is why we take into consideration your daily activities, work environment, hobbies and sports played…

Glaucoma Screening

This forms part of the general examination. If you are a Discovery Vitality or Multiply member you can have your annual glaucoma screening and we will submit the results directly to the Medical Aid for you to earn points.

Diabetic Screening and Monitoring

We offer close monitoring of diabetic patients’ vision and eye health as they are at high risk for developing retinal deterioration. We will, of course, work together with relevant specialists, hospitals and clinics in the area to ensure that each diabetic patient’s needs are specifically catered for.

Personal Frame Selection & Assistance

We stock a wide variety of quality budget and high-end frame brands. Our staff is trained in helping you to choose the best frame while taking your facial structure, frame colour, prescription and daily activities into account.

Professional Lens & Prescription Dispensing

We are qualified to assist you with selecting the correct lens type and lens coatings which will not only look good, but also provide comfortable vision for daily activities.

General & Value Added Services

Our practice’s additional services include patient after care,follow-up appointments, contact lens assessment and training, and frame repairs to mention a few. You will also learn and be given professional advice and education in any area of your primary eye care you request.

Why Let Us Care For Your Eyes

Quality Guarantee

Successful company that is leading in customer service with a loyal customer following

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Trendy Optometry

We aim to keep up with the latest trends to make available the selection that is appropriate and interesting to the patients

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Affordable Elegance

Where elegance meets affordability in primary eye care, using technologically relevant testing equipment.

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