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We are an independent optometry practice located in Pretoria, with convenient locations in Blairgowrie, Randburg, and Forest Hill City mall in Centurion.

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Our licensed optometrists conduct thorough eye examinations using the latest technology and methods. Each assessment is designed to identify specific needs, from general eye health to more complex conditions such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Here’s what you can expect:

General Eye Examinations

Visual and binocular vision assessments, ocular health assessment

Specialized Assessments

For drivers' licenses, depth perception, and muscle function.

Chronic Condition Monitoring

Diabetic and glaucoma screenings, coordinated care for high-risk patients.

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We are an independent optometry practice located in Pretoria, with convenient locations in Blairgowrie, Randburg, and Forest Hill City mall in Centurion.
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Personalized Care for Every Patient

At Fresh Vision Optometrists, we understand that each patient’s vision needs are unique. We offer customized eye care solutions based on detailed assessments of your daily activities, work environment, and personal health history.


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We are a dynamic and stylish Optometry practice where elegance meets affordability. We source our frames locally and globally with our patients in mind, keeping with the trends, fashion, innovation while offering value for money.

Refraction Assessments

Our refraction assessments are tailored to meet the unique visual requirements of each patient. We conduct comprehensive eye examinations to ensure that you achieve clear and comfortable vision. Our goal is to address your specific needs, enhancing your daily life with optimal sight.

Glaucoma Screening

We provide thorough glaucoma screenings as part of our routine eye examinations. Our optometrists assess your risk and determine the necessity of scheduling follow-up appointments for high-risk patients. This proactive approach aims to manage and mitigate the progression of glaucoma effectively.

Diabetic Eye Screening & Monitoring

For our diabetic patients, who are at increased risk of retinal deterioration, we offer vigilant monitoring and regular follow-ups. Our targeted diabetic screening service is designed to detect early signs of eye health issues, ensuring timely intervention and ongoing management of your ocular health.

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Your Eye Examination

How It Works Process



Arrive at your preferred Fresh Vision Optometrists location—whether it's in Pretoria, Blairgowrie, Randburg, or at our branch in the Forest Hill City mall in Centurion.



Undergo a thorough eye examination using state-of-the-art equipment to assess your vision and eye health. Our optometrists will tailor the examination to address your specific concerns and needs.



After the assessment, the optometrist will discuss the results with you, answer any questions, and recommend the best options for your optical needs.