Eye Examinations

Eye Examinations

At Fresh Vision Optometrists, we offer comprehensive eye examinations tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Our goal is to ensure clear and comfortable vision, enhancing your daily life whether at work, home, or during leisure activities. Here’s what our examinations include:


Our eye examinations encompass a broad range of optometric services, designed to meet the specific visual requirements of our patients. We consider your daily activities, work environment, hobbies, and sports to provide a personalized care plan. Each examination typically includes:

Visual Assessment

Evaluating visual acuity and prescribing corrective measures as needed.

Ocular Health Assessment

A thorough check of the eyes for any signs of conditions or diseases.

Eye Pressure Measurement

Essential for detecting glaucoma early, using the latest methods and technology to ensure accuracy.

Binocular Vision Assessment

Assessing the function of eye muscles and the ability of the eyes to work together, crucial for depth perception and maintaining comfortable vision under strain.

Drivers License Eye Tests

For those needing to renew or obtain their driver’s license, we offer specialized eye tests that comply with the National Road Traffic Act. Our tests provide you with the official vision certificate required for your license application, ensuring that all standards for safe driving vision are met.

Summer Eye Care Advice

To help you protect your eyes during the brighter and warmer months, we provide expert advice and recommendations for summer eye care. Learn how to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays and maintain optimal eye health throughout the season.